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FES Connection Datasheet

This registration page is for customers who are e-invoice enabled. If you are not able to e-invoice, please contact us via

Please indicate which partner you are sending the invoice to!

Are you invoicing other partners? Please enter their name in the box (please only specify a partner to whom you will send the invoice in a special format, not by email).

Company Details


Contact Person Details

A business contact person is an employee involved in invoicing who is familiar with the invoicing process within the company.

A technical contact person could be, for example, an administrator who knows what the installations, firewall rules, proxy settings are.

Email Addresses Authorized For Sending Invoices

Our system assigns the submitted invoices to the profile of the submitting company based on the email address of the submitter. Please note that only email addresses that are clearly linked to the sending company can be entered. The email addresses are used to ensure that no one else sends invoices on your behalf. We will only and exclusively accept invoices from the email addresses provided below. 

Email Address Designated For Receiving Invoices (For Any Recipient Participating In The Service)

Email recipient:

Uploading A Checklist

Please upload the completed and duly signed checklist sent to you by our colleagues. 

Uploading Sample Invoices

To speed up the connection process, please upload your previously issued standard invoices and credit notes related to the connection project, or any invoice types you have selected in the checklist

This is necessary so that our testers can prepare a template that is tailored to your invoice. These invoices will be used for the test process only, i.e. they will not be processed, booked or paid productively.

For testing, we need real data content, so we expect 1-2 receipts (digital, searchable PDF) that you have already sent to the partner to whom you will send the invoices.

Sending multiple invoice types?  You have the option to attach multiple samples with the following parameters:

-maximum file size 5MB per file

-accepted file format: pdf (searchable, not scanned)


If you have any questions, please contact us at the following email address:

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