Connection datasheet

Please indicate which dedicated partner* you will send invoices

*your invoicing partner that has its own specific requirements regarding the format, content, or channel through which it accepts invoices. If you do not find it in the list and my e-mail channel would send your invoices, in that case, select the e-mail invoice receiving partner from the drop-down list, in other cases, please fill in the next point.

Company information

Contact data

A business contact is a colleague who is involved in invoicing and who is familiar with the invoicing processes of a given project within the company.

A technical contact person could be, for example, an administrator who knows what the installations, firewall rules, proxy settings are.

Uploading order documentation

To use this service, you need a prepaid order package. Please fill in the order form provided by our colleague, sign it and click on the Upload button.

Uploading invoice templates

To speed up the connection process, please upload your previously issued standard and credit invoice for the connection project, or any invoice type that you have marked in the Checklist.

This is necessary so that our testing colleagues can prepare a template that is tailored to your account. These invoices are used exclusively for the purpose of the test process, i.e. they are not productively processed, booked, or paid.

For testing real data content is required, therefore we expect sample invoices that you have already sent to the partner you want to send invoices to in the future.

Sending multiple invoice types? You can attach multiple samples with the following parameters

-maximum file size 5MB per piece

-accepted file format Pdf (machine-readable, not scanned)

If you have any questions, please contact us via the following email address

Uploading checklist

If you are sending invoice to a dedicated partner, please fill in the checklist provided by our colleague, sign it and click on the Upload button.

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